International Students

The Diocese of Sioux City Catholic Schools welcomes students interested in studying within our faith-based community.  At this time, the Diocese of Sioux City school only accepts F-1 international students in grades 9-12 with the support of an approved exchange program. These agencies can ensure the best possible academic and cultural experience.  Their representatives work with the Diocese of Sioux City Catholic Schools office staff, local school staff, students and their families to facilitate a seamless transition and support students during their time in Iowa.

Tuition, Fees, Employment: 

Tuition varies at each of our schools. Please see the list of tuition costs  for the current school year. This does not include uniforms, fees or living expenses. Sports/Music/extracurricular activities: There may be added fees to participate in these programs.

Full year tuition and fees are due at the time of registration.  International students are not eligible for any Diocesan tuition assistance or scholarships.

Estimated living expenses vary per student, but $5000 is usually the minimum we recommend.

Students cannot be employed while attending our schools.

All students are required to have health insurance while enrolled in our schools that starts the first day of classes. One recommended company is  EStudent Insurance. 

If you are an international student or parent interested in learning more about academic excellence at one of our diocesan Catholic schools, please contact Stacia Thompson at

Many of our current international students have come to the Diocese of Sioux City Catholic Schools through Educatius International, Nacel Open Door, and other international private school programs. The Diocese of Sioux City does not arrange for host families or housing for international students.

Information and FAQ can also be found at Study in the States, a website through the Department of Homeland Security.