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Do you know someone that makes an impact in the lives of our Catholic school students?  Nominate a teacher or staff member that rises above the rest to be recognized at Bishop's Dinner for Catholic Schools this October.

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What's Ha​ppening

Catholic School Students Outperform Peers
Rigorous academic standards resulted in outstanding results on the 2017-18 Iowa assessments. Our students scored higher in all grades for the subjects tested, reading, math, and science.
2018 Graduation Set for Catholic High Schools
Over 375 students will graduate from our 7 Catholic High Schools. Please remember them in your prayers as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

Our Mission

Essential to the educational ministry of the Church, the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sioux City are fulfilling the Church’s mission to teach as Jesus did. Together with the support of parents, teachers, administrators, clergy, parishioners and the community at large, we are committed to providing an education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ where Catholic doctrine and values and academic excellence prepare each student for a life of faith, service and integrity.

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